Developer DAO launches a gateway, ao bridge announced, and ao Ventures launches

Welcome to the first issue of The Arweave Weekly Digest. This has been a pretty crazy week on Arweave to report on, and it shows no signs of stopping.

What we'll cover this week:

  • The announcement of aox_xyz - a decentralized Arweave 🌉

  • ao Ventures launch 🚀

  • DeveloperDAO running their own Arweave gateway (huge!) 🧱

Say hello to 🙋‍♀

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We'll keep this one short, as there isn't too much public information on it yet.

What we do know is that aox is a bridge for moving assets in and out of ao, Arweave's new compute layer, and will focus on $AR transfers before moving onto $BTC, $ETH, and more.

Oh, and it's also built by the team behind everVision, who have tons of experience building payment and asset exchange infrastructure on Arweave.

The beta launches this May.

Get funded, and accelerate the future of compute 💻

ao Ventures was announced a few weeks back, and has now officially opened its doors for business.

Aspiring builders can apply for grants to build on ao, which is a new decentralized compute layer using Arweave for storage.

For those of you who aren't builders, still keep an eye on this - you can get in early on new ao projects, and it also brings both users and developers into the Arweave ecosystem as a whole which is great for longer-term growth.

DeveloperDAO, our beloved 🩷

DeveloperDAO, if you aren't aware, are an education-focused DAO that have just announced they are running their own Arweave gateway.

This is big because it:

  • Decentralizes the Arweave ecosystem (the more gateways serving Arweave content, the better!)

  • Brings more awareness to Arweave

  • Helps educate people about a pretty tricky but crucial part of Arweave infrastructure.

Alongside their gateway launch, they're also running educational courses on gateways, led by the ecosystem's very own @K4y1s, who has already created fantastic content on Arweave.

A big shoutout to for partnering with DeveloperDAO, and leading the charge on Arweave gateway infra!


A short and sweet summary of other happenings you might've missed:

ArDrive hit #4 on ProductHunt and are running a 90% off special

AstroUSD Testnet launched

Weavers' hackathon came to an end, with $10,000 in bounties distributed.

Shameless plug, but we wrote a great piece on where Arweave stands with the Blockchain Trilemma. Check it out!

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