Intro To Arweave

Powering the future, preserving the past.

About Arweave
Arweave makes permanent storage possible. It's a blockchain that weaves data, ensuring durability via massive replications and sound economics via an endowment. The $AR token powers the network.

Today, you're likely renting your own data through a subscription.

What happens if you're no longer able to pay rent? You get evicted. Not fun. And especially not ideal for all of those photos that you want future generations to enjoy. Arweave solves this.

Arweave makes it possible to simply pay once and store any type of data permanently.

Storage costs have been dropping by 30% per year historically, but Arweave conservatively assumes only a 0.5% decrease in costs. If costs decrease more than that, you get storage beyond the promised 200 years.

Arweave is like a time capsule for the internet. It powers what's called the

The permaweb on Arweave is the next evolution of the web. As well as storing static files, the permaweb can also host full, decentralized web applications.
, or “Permanent Internet” where you access permanent websites and apps.

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How does Arweave work?

Files are stored on thousands of computers worldwide, whose owners are rewarded with Arweave's

$AR tokens
$AR is the cryptocurrency that powers the Arweave network. You can find out how to buy $AR on or by going to Always do your own research.
. And yes, you can encrypt your files so they can't see anything! Often referred to as miners, their job is to store as much of the data on Arweave as possible.

Arweave in Numbers


of all fees goes to the

This storage endowment is built into the protocol. It accumulates $AR to pay for extreme price fluctuations as a last resort for supporting miners.


total amount of $AR


to store 1 GB of data permanently.

You'll love this about Arweave.

For the love of data.

Arweave makes it possible to share memories with future generations, connecting our loved ones across time.

One payment,
peace of mind.

No more dealing with hard drives or wrestling with cloud accounts every time you get a new device. It's permanently stored.

Your safe space.

Content on Arweave is usually replicated ~60 times, far more than the ~4 copies by typical cloud providers.

Brands and protocols using Arweave