5 billion transactions, HackMD integration, and building the future of compute

Welcome to this issue of The Arweave Weekly Digest. Lots of milestones hit, new partnerships, and some cool ao-native products being launched.

Welcome to this issue of The Arweave Weekly Digest. Lots of milestones hit, new partnerships, and some cool ao-native products being launched.

What we’ll cover this week:

  • Arweave hitting 5 billion total transactions 🎉

  • HackMD’s Arweave integration 📝

  • More info on aox_xyz, the ao native bridge 🌉

And more!

Let’s get into it.

Weekly Digest

5B+ transactions and road to 50M messages 💬

Arweave transactions 5,055,776,584.

Arweave hit 5 billion transactions on mainnet last week, which is the second largest amount of transactions on a blockchain following Solana, according to Sam Williams.

Arweave has seen a huge increase in transactions since the launch of ao, the hyper-parallel computer. Arweave saw 700M+ transactions in April, and 900M+ in March.

ao stores its smart contracts and their associated interactions (messages) on Arweave, using it as an immutable state layer.

ao has also surpassed 50 million messages this week.


HackMD promotes permanent storage 🐘

Text reads "Decentralize your doucments with Arweave". HackMD logo in bottom right hand corner.

HackMD is a website for publishing collaborative documents and notes.

It’s quite well used within the Web3 ecosystem for research papers and more technical content, including by Vitalik Buterin.

The HackMD integration has actually been available since 2023, however it seems there is now new educational material about how to get started with it, and why users should use Arweave.

Whitepapers and other public docs on HackMD are great for Arweave, as it aims to keep them available for centuries to come.

aox_xyz announces bridge architecture 🏛️

aox landing page. aox logo in top left hand corner. Text in center reads "The Bridge to AO". Button underneath with the text "Coming Soon". Social icons for Twitter, Telegram, and Discord at the bottom center of the page.

A quick-fire one for aox: they’ve announced that they will be using the MPC (Multi-Party Computation) architecture for their ao bridge.

This seems a pretty sensible choice, as MPC is one of the more popular bridge architectures and can be faster to transact than traditional multi-sigs.

The beta launches in May.


Some other happenings you might’ve missed:

  • ArDrive wins #1 Web3 Product of the Week on ProductHunt

  • KYVE archives entire Noble’s historical blockchain data on Arweave

Typr is a new Twitter alternative being built on ao, and it’s looking pretty sweet so far.

It’s still in early development, and is being built by @digyourinsight. It has features such as wallet login, comments/replies, token integration, and more.

Typr hit 200 users last week, as well as 400 total posts. Login with ArConnect and give it a try!

The Longview Insider Update

We’re building a computer club for ao, and here’s a sneak peek of the landing page:

AO computer club landing page.

If you’re interested in ao and want to be part of a small team building on the future of compute, keep an eye out. 👀


Thanks for reading!

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