Arweave meetup grants.

Let's have some fun IRL and connect with amazing individuals that respect the Permaweb.

Apply Now!


Let's get a local Arweave meetup happening in your city! We're supporting initial meetups to pay for a simple venue or food & drinks.

Connecting in person strengthens our community. Whether you're an ecosystem advocate, builder, or just love Arweave, let's do this! Become an Arweave Ambassador.


  • Fill out the form which asks for basic info about you and your potential event.
  • We'll get back to you ASAP (within 24 hrs) on status of application.
  • You share the event online & connect with local blockchain meetups. Use Arweave Hub as primary sign up source.
  • Have fun, share pictures on Twitter, etc., and we feature you via @onlyarweave and on the Arweave Hub.